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Межрегиональная общественная организация содействия единству цивилизаций, культур и религий

Цели: утверждение идей духовного единства, нравственное оздоровле- ние общества, возрождение обще- человеческих ценностей, духовное и нравственное совершенствование на основе милосердия, добро- желательности, терпимости, уваже- ния и сотрудничества.

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Духовное развитие личности - Путешествие в глубь себя, Центр Духовного Развития

Program for Youth

The English Youth Club invites to the workshop

«The Power To Pack Up»

April 29th, Sunday 14:00

Russian version - The English Youth Club


We all like to travel! But what do we take with us? It is much better to travel light. It is one of the golden rules of experienced travellers and a very important spiritual principle.
Setting off on a journey we only take necessary items with, but how many unnecessary things accompany us on the journey of life day after day? It is easy to remember that we are not allowed to take dangerous things on board, but are we allowed to carry negative thoughts in our heads?

Let's look at our life in a new way and only pack into our suitcases what is valuable, while adding new English words to our baggage.

The English Youth Club - ЦДР

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